Xoopar 4 in 1 Eco Wireless Charging Station

£33.29Min Qty
As low as £26.49
Xoopar 4 in 1 eco wireless charging station Foldable design Magsafe compatible Supplied with Dual USB + USB Type-C charging cable Casing made from... more info

Xoopar Eco Mr Bio Family Wheat Wireless Charger

£36.49Min Qty
As low as £27.89
Xoopar Mr Bio family wireless charger Charger with phone stand and inputs for charging smartphones and Airpods Simultaneously charge all your... more info

Xoopar Eco Wireless Biodegradable 5000mAh Powerbank

£32.49Min Qty
As low as £23.49
Xoopar wireless biodegradable 5000mAh powerbank Certified biodegradable plastic shell Suction cups to easily attach to the back of your phone for... more info

Xoopar Meetair Conference Speaker

£42.49Min Qty
As low as £34.29
Xoopar Meetair conference speaker Wireless speaker with 2 microphones Anti noise support for 4 - 6 people meeting Made from anti-bacterial rPET... more info

Xoopar Mr Bio

£12.85Min Qty
As low as £6.95
Xoopar Mr Bio Biodegradable charging cable with recyclable material on the legs 4-in-1 with 8-pin, Micro USB, Type-C and USB/Type-C adaptors Priced:... more info

Xoopar Mr Bio Power Pack

£25.75Min Qty
As low as £17.65
Xoopar Mr Bio power pack 5000mAh powerbank and multi charging cable Adaptors include Lightning, Micro USB and USB Type-C Casing made from certified... more info

Xoopar Octopus Booster

£25.89Min Qty
As low as £17.59
Xoopar Octopus booster Mulit connector charging cable with integrated 3000 mAh powerbank and dual USB + USB Type-C connector Adaptors include... more info

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