Promotional Phone Accessories

Our range of Promotional Phone Accessories includes a selection of chargers, screen cleaners and handy phone gadgets all designed to be a practical and useful promotional product. The usage of mobile phones is widespread, and a phone related giveaway or promotional item will appeal to a large audience from all types of demographics. What better way to keep your brand and marketing message in full view of your audience than a handy accessory that they will treasure and keep. All our phone accessories are available with bespoke printing areas allowing you to design a product that fits your brief and budget requirements.

Please let us know if you need any help or advice regarding phone accessories and one of our team would be delighted to help you.

Anti Slip Lens Cleaning Cloth

£2.20Min Qty
As low as £1.27
Anti slip lens cleaning cloth Can be used as a screen cloth and a mouse mat Anti slip silicone base Dimensions and print area: 235 x 200mm The quoted... more info

Car mobile phone holder

£4.39Min Qty
As low as £3.45
The Promotional Plastic Car Mobile Phone Holder with magnet can be clicked on to the air vent and a metal sticker is supplied for the back of the... more info

Colour Pop Charging Cable

£4.20Min Qty
As low as £3.08
Colour-Pop charging cable with case 4-in-1 charging cable with 2 type C, 1 USB type A and 2-in-1 dual compatible tip for both micro USB and 8 pin.... more info

Crown Charger

£9.13Min Qty
As low as £7.85
Crown charger Wireless charger and phone holder Suitable for compatible devices Output: 1A Micro USB cable included Dimensions: base 104 x 90mm high... more info

Desktop Wireless Charger

£9.75Min Qty
As low as £7.05
Desktop wireless charger Fold up charger Built in phone stand with 10 adjustable height settings Suitable for compatible devices Output: 1A Micro USB... more info

Essence Bamboo Wireless Charger

£9.79Min Qty
As low as £8.55
Essence bamboo wireless charging pad Wireless charging pad is made of real bamboo Allows for smartphone charging without cables Suitable for... more info

Frame Bamboo Wireless Charging Desk Organiser

£15.39Min Qty
As low as £12.99
Frame bamboo wireless charging desk organiser Suitable for all Android phones and iPhones 8 and above Recessed pen, paperclip and stationery... more info

Glass & Computer Screen Cleaner

£2.54Min Qty
As low as £1.81
Glass & computer screen cleaner 50ml screen cleaner bottle Dimensions: 105 x 35mm Ø Print area: 43 x 34mm The quoted price includes: Printed... more info

Gloves for capacitive screens

£2.36Min Qty
As low as £1.67
The Promotional Pair of Acrylic Gloves with three finger tips for use on a capacitive screen have a print area of 30 x 15mm. Print Method: pad Print... more info

Key holder with fibre cloth

£1.12Min Qty
As low as £1.02
Vinyl covered key holder with a recycled fibre cloth inside for cleaning glasses and monitors etc. Print Method: pad Print Area: 30 x 20 Print... more info

Lens and screen print cleaning spray (30ml) with a cloth

£1.09Min Qty
As low as £0.99
Lens and screen print cleaning spray (30ml) with microfibre cloth. The cloth can be folded into the lid of the container. Print Method: pad print... more info

Microfibre Lens Cleaning Cloth

£2.02Min Qty
As low as £0.57
Microfibre lens cleaning cloth Dimensions: and print area: 180 x 150mm The quoted price includes: Printed full colour on 1 side more info

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