Branded PC Cables

Perfect for many types of devices our selection of branded PC cables includes a range of cables suitable as charging cables, USB adaptor cables and Multi Cables. Handy for data exchange between different devices or charging between USB types these cables will be useful for many people who have multiple devices. All our branded PC cables are available with personalised logo print areas making them an ideal solution for a tech product promotional campaign that provides a useful product that will be used and retained for many years to come.

Please let us know if you have any questions or queries regarding our range of branded PC cables, and one of our friendly team can help you out via email, live chat or on the telephone.

3 in 1 Reel Charger

£3.39Min Qty
As low as £2.60
3 in 1 reel charger 100cm Retractable charging cable Adaptors include: Type-C, 5-pin, micro USB, USB Priced: Printed full colour on domed decal... more info

6 in 1 Antimicrobial Cable

£9.35Min Qty
As low as £6.35
6 in 1 antimicrobial cable Manufactured with a Biomaster additive, an Anti-Microbial agent that provides a second line of defence against harmful... more info

ABS USB cable on key ring

£4.11Min Qty
As low as £3.20
ABS cable with standard USB plug and USB-C and Lightning plug in a T-shape. A magnet keeps the cable folded. Including steel key ring. Length of the... more info

Aluminium alloy cable set

£2.45Min Qty
As low as £2.10
Aluminium charger cable set with three plugs: USB, USB-C and micro USB. Including key ring. Print Method: pad print Print Area: 8 x 18 Print... more info

Avenue Colour-Pop Charging Cable With Case - Full Colour

£4.67Min Qty
As low as £3.19
Avenue Colour-Pop charging cable with case 4-in-1 charging cable 2 type C, 1 USB and 2-in-1 dual compatible tip for both micro USB and 8 pin Designed... more info

Charging Cable Set

£4.89Min Qty
As low as £3.72
Charging cable set Includes USB, USB-C, micro USB, and 8pin adaptors Priced: Printed 1 colour in 1 position Dimensions: 170 x 28 x 10mm Print area:... more info

Charging cable.

£4.00Min Qty
As low as £3.15
Charging cable with a USB and micro USB, USB-C and Lightning. Cable length: approx. 95 cm. Print Method: pad print Print Area: 22 x 8 Print Position:... more info

Charm LED 4 in 1 Cable Adaptor

£5.60Min Qty
As low as £4.46
Charm adaptor cable Quality LED 4 in 1 cable adaptor Multi cable charging adaptor Offered with either white, blue or red LED lights Supplied with... more info

Electric Avenue Panoflex Cable

£11.25Min Qty
As low as £3.22
Electric Avenue New 3 in 1 Panoflex cable USB cable for data transfer and charging devices Supplied with 3 in 1 adaptor (Micro USB, 8 pin and USB... more info

Metal 3 in 1 Charging Cable with Keychain

£2.90Min Qty
As low as £2.28
Metal 3 in 1 charging cable with keyring Features type-C, USB and dual compatible cables Compatible for iOS and Android Priced: Printed 1 colour in 1... more info

Plastic 3-in-1 charging cable

£3.31Min Qty
As low as £2.40
Plastic 3-in-1 charging cable with USB, USB-C and Lightning plug. The key holder has an interior LED light and is suitable for laser engraving. Print... more info

Tucker Multi Cable

£3.49Min Qty
As low as £2.73
Tucker multi cable Adaptors include USB, Type-C, Micro USB and 5-pin cables Priced: Printed full colour on domed decal Dimensions: 145 x 22 x 10mm... more info

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