Promotional Branded Headphones

Searching for quality branded headphones? Then you're in the right place. Over the ear headphones have grown in popularity in recent times due to the increased interest in listening to music streaming service on mobile devices. Designed to give a better listener experience, our promotional headphones help cancel out background noise and cut down on the amount of sound leakage providing a better-quality sound. Perfect for marketing campaigns targeted at music lovers and a popular choice for radio stations, music venues and promotions all our branded headphones can be custom printed with colour logos to display your brand while being worn and enjoyed.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries regarding our promotional branded headphones and one of our friendly team will be delighted to help.

ABS adjustable headphones

£4.98Min Qty
As low as £4.19
ABS adjustable headphones with stainless steel details. Delivered in gift box. Print Method: dome Print Area: 53 Ø Print Position: on one side Item... more info

Bamboo Wireless Headphones

£31.79Min Qty
As low as £25.79
XD-Design bamboo wireless headphones Features music and call control buttons Supplied with a micro USB cable 200mAh battery with 4 hours of playback... more info

Blaze Light-Up Logo Headphones

£14.89Min Qty
As low as £12.15
Blaze light-up logo headphones Both earcups have LED panels which light up when laser engraved Bluetooth® wireless headphones offering a deep... more info

Cheaz Foldable Headphones

£5.89Min Qty
As low as £4.55
Cheaz foldable heaphones Lightweight and collapsible Compatible with any device via 3.5mm audio cable Dimensions: 170 x 155mm Print area: 25 x 25mm... more info

Natureline Wheat Straw Headphones

£28.79Min Qty
As low as £18.95
Natureline headphones Made using Wheat Straw and ABS with PU ear cups Built in control panel with hands free function Micro SD card slot FM Radio... more info

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