Promotional Pen Gift Boxes

Take your promotional pens to a new level with our Promotional Pen Gift Boxes, when you need to make a statement about your brand or marketing message a quality pen enclosed in a premium feel gift box is sure to get you noticed. Here you will find a selection of pen gift boxes, tubes and presentation sleeves to add that true high end added value to your branded pens. We can supply boxes with or without pens and are always available to answer any specific requirements you may have.

Please feel free to contact us via email, live chat or on the telephone for friendly advice from one of our customer service team.   

Ballpen with black ink

£2.49Min Qty
As low as £2.13
Aluminium ballpen with silver metal trim and black ink in a matching coloured tin box with black foam inlay. Print Method: rotary or pad Print Area:... more info

Ballpen, laser and LED light

£29.52Min Qty
As low as £26.14
Metal ballpen with blue ink, a laser pointer and LED light supplied in a foam inlay box. Print Method: rotary Print Area: 35 x 15 each item Print... more info

Metal ballpen & tube

£4.74Min Qty
As low as £3.80
Metal ballpen with silver trim parts and black ink, supplied in a matching tube. Print Method: pad or rotary Print Area: 50 x 10 or 30 x 20 Print... more info

Metal ballpen and rollerpen

£10.49Min Qty
As low as £8.58
Metal ballpen and rollerball set with extra blue refills, supplied in a quality gift box. These promotional pens would make and excellent gift to... more info

Metal ballpen and rollerpen set

£8.96Min Qty
As low as £7.05
Twist action metal ballpen with black ink and rollerball bound in PU and supplied in a matching zipped case. Print Method: pad Print Area: 30 x 7... more info

Metal ballpen in gift box

£6.67Min Qty
As low as £4.64
Lacquered metal ballpen with extra black refill, supplied in a gift box. Print Method: pad Print Area: 30 x 6 Print Position: next to clip Product... more info

Pen set, ballpen and pencil

£3.33Min Qty
As low as £2.56
Promotional Pen set consisting of a lacquered ballpen and pencil in a matching colour metal presentation box each of the pens is supplied with black... more info

Presentation Tube for One Pen

£0.68Min Qty
As low as £0.58
The Promotional Transparent Plastic Pen Tube is a clear tube holder suitable for holding one pen. Print Method: pad Print Area: 45 x 12 Print... more info

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