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Contour Pens are the UK’s best-selling brand of promotional pens, starting with the original “curvy” pen style the brand has progressed to include various styles and options including stylus pens, frost ball pens, translucent pens and more recently a sustainable Bamboo wood ball pen. Printed Contour Pens offer outstanding value for money, excellent print area sizes and a good balance of build quality and ink quantity making them ideal for any size of promotional pen campaign. The Contour pen range also includes full colour wrap print option allowing a full 360-degree coloured design to be applied around the full pen barrel. With low minimum order quantities across the full Contour pen range it’s easy to see why the brand continues to be the number one promotional pen brand in the UK.

For expert help relating to the Contour Pen range please feel free to touch base with our friendly team who will happy to talk all things “Contour” and advise you on any queries or questions you may have, we are available 24/7 via email or working hours via live chat and telephone.                  

Blister Packed Contour Argent Ballpen with Vivid Torch Key Ring

£3.35Min Qty
As low as £1.45
Blister packed Contour Argent ballpen and Vivid torch key ring set Button action ballpen with LED torch keyring The quoted price includes: Printed... more info

Blister Packed Contour Wrap Ballpen with Kolour Key Ring

£4.19Min Qty
As low as £1.66
The Promotional Blister Packed Contour Wrap Ballpen with Kolour Key Ring set features a push action ballpen set and plastic key ring. The quoted... more info

Contour Argent Ballpen

£0.26Min Qty
As low as £0.17
Contour Argent Promotional Pens offer great value for money and are priced to fit most marketing budgets. Each of these pens feature the following.... more info

Contour Colour Ballpen

£0.26Min Qty
As low as £0.17
Contour Colour printed pens are from our extensive range of budget promotional pens. This pen is available in 10 different coloured barrels and can... more info

Contour Digital Ballpen

£0.49Min Qty
As low as £0.31
Contour Digital ballpen Push button action ballpen with white plastic barrel Rubberised colour grip and chrome trim Patented flat barrel shape... more info

Contour Extra Promotional Pen

£0.26Min Qty
As low as £0.17
Contour Extra promotional pens have been the UK's top selling pen for a few years which is understandable when you look at the pen then the price... more info

Contour Frost Ballpen

£0.30Min Qty
As low as £0.20
Contour Frost ballpen The UK's best selling promotional pen range Push button action with frosted finish barrel Chrome trim and matching coloured... more info

Contour Pastel Ballpen

£0.38Min Qty
As low as £0.19
Contour pastel ballpen Push button action The best-selling Contour Ballpen now available in a range of pastel colours Popular curved shaped and smart... more info

Contour Tricolour Ballpen

£0.73Min Qty
As low as £0.39
Contour Tricolour ballpen 4 in 1 push action ballpen with 3 colour refills and a touch screen stylus Choose from a range of popular grip colours The... more info

Contour Wood Ballpen

£1.51Min Qty
As low as £0.89
Contour wood ballpen Push button action ballpen Made from sustainable bamboo Eco-friendly alternative to plastic The quoted price includes: Printed 1... more info

Contour Wrap Ballpen

£0.79Min Qty
As low as £0.56
Another from the Contour range of promotional pens is the full colour digitally printed Wrap ballpen being showcased on this page. Thes pens also... more info

Contour-i Extra Ballpen - 1 Colour

£0.43Min Qty
As low as £0.25
Contour-i Extra ballpen Twist action with white barrel Chrome trim, coloured soft grip and stylus tip Ideal for smart phones and tablets The quoted... more info

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