Metal Awards

Metal Awards are a lasting and durable option which offer excellent value for money and are a perfect choice when awards need to be robust and given out in larger volumes. With a choice of styles on offer from custom metal medal awards to metal-faced plaques, there is something to choose for most campaigns. A choice of printing options is also available for our metal awards, using either engraving or full-colour printing to ensure you can deliver your award message in a medium that suits award style.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our custom metal awards. Our team are available via email, live chat and telephone during normal business hours.

Stamped Iron Coin

£1.52Min Qty
As low as £1.04
Stamped iron coin Single sided design-nickel or brass plated finish Priced: Stamped on 1 side Dimensions and print area: 40mmØ more info

Stamped Iron Medal

£1.90Min Qty
As low as £1.36
Stamped Iron medal Single sided design. Nickel or Brass plated finish. Full colour dye sublimation rPET lanyard Priced: Stamped medal, full colour... more info

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