Euro 2024 - The Benefit of a Wallchart

Euro 2024 - The Benefit of a Wallchart


It’s a throwback to Italia 1990 (well for me it is as that’s the first one I can remember) alongside Gazza’s Tears and Penalty heartbreak, I can vividly recall marking down the results on my Rumbelows Wallchart.

Fast Forward to 2024, many more penalty heartbreaks, many more tears and many more wall charts, not Rumbelows now but still branded with many different companies, Sony, Dave the Barber and Pearsall Motors to name a few and I wonder what benefit a chart has in this day in age, well to be blunt it has many including:-


  1. Fan Engagement: It enhances the overall viewing experience by allowing fans to visually follow the tournament's fixtures, results, and standings.
  2. Convenience: Allows fans to quickly reference match schedules, times, and locations. This convenience enhances the fan experience and keeps them informed throughout the tournament.
  3. Enhanced Atmosphere: Wallcharts add to the excitement and anticipation surrounding a football tournament, especially when displayed in communal areas such as sports bars, offices, or fan zones. It encourages discussion, competition, and camaraderie among fans
  4. Brand Visibility: Businesses can capitalise on the popularity of football tournaments by incorporating their branding into wallcharts. By sponsoring or providing branded wallcharts, businesses can increase their visibility among football fans, fostering positive brand associations and potential customer engagement.
  5. Promotional Opportunities: Wallcharts offer businesses an opportunity to promote their products or services through branding, advertising, or promotional messages displayed on the charts. This can include sponsoring the production of the wallcharts or advertising alongside tournament-related content, reaching a targeted audience of football enthusiasts.
  6. Keepsake Value: Wallcharts often become cherished keepsakes for fans, serving as a memento of the tournament long after it has ended. Fans may choose to keep and display the wallchart as a reminder of the memorable moments and experiences associated with the tournament, further reinforcing brand exposure for sponsoring businesses.
  7. Practicality: Unlike digital alternatives, such as mobile apps or online schedules, wallcharts do not require internet access or electronic devices to access information. This makes them practical and accessible for fans in various settings, including areas with limited connectivity or during live match events.


Overall, wallcharts for football tournaments offer a range of benefits for fans and businesses, including enhanced engagement, convenience, brand visibility, promotional opportunities, keepsake value, and practicality. They serve as an effective tool for bringing fans together, fostering excitement, and creating memorable experiences during football tournaments.