Boosters Step Forward with BPMA

Boosters Step Forward with BPMA


2023 saw a massive change for the team at Boosters with our MD & Founder Blair Carroll retiring and both Donna Lee and Craig Harrison being promoted to the roles of Directors/Co-Owners – this just shows that nothing can stay the same forever and it is with this in mind that Boosters embraces the StepForward pledge by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association).

Having been members of the British Promotional Merchandise Association for over 15 years, Boosters proudly announce our participation in the BPMA StepForward Pledge, signalling a bold stride toward a more sustainable future.

The Pledge represents a collective endeavour to revolutionise the promotional landscape, the BPMA and its members are starting 2024 on the front foot to ensure a brighter, cleaner future, with a focus on fostering sustainability in products, operations, and the communities we serve, this initiative empowers BPMA members to proactively shape an environmentally conscious industry.

We at Boosters aren’t just using this as a chance to showcase product however, we are reviewing all aspects of our business and ensuring that sustainability isn't just a concept; it's a way of life, and by embracing the StepForward Pledge, we're making further commitment to infuse sustainability into the core of our offerings and practices.



We will be working closely with our supply chain, to offer a greener and cleaner product, a more sustainable way of working with a sharp focus on reducing environmental impact. Furthermore, this devotion extends to our valued customers, with transparent product information that empowers informed buying choices.

By pledging allegiance to the BPMA StepForward initiative, Boosters aligns itself with fellow members in committing to annual sustainability assessments. This highlights our dedication to progress and elevating the industry's global reputation. The combined efforts of BPMA members in addressing climate change underscore the industry's resilience and responsibility.

Our commitment to the pledge is summarised in our sustainability statement

Boosters Limited are committed to making the environment as green as we possibly can. By working alongside our suppliers and customers we will continue to review our practices, establish better waste management initiatives, and continually evaluate supply chains, enabling us to take measurable steps to creating a greener future for now and tomorrow.

We believe this statement showcases our desire to extend our commitment beyond business success; it encompasses the preservation and enhancement of our environment, as we see unprecedented evolution within our industry, we want to ensure that Boosters are front and centre in ensuring we are offering our clients the very best, sustainable products and practices, for them, their brands and the future of our planet.

If you would like any further information on the Stepforward Pledge please contact us and we will be delighted to help you with your queries