Think Big, Be Bold, Go Green!

Think Big, Be Bold, Go Green!

Let’s think environment……

We are all increasingly conscious of the environment in which we live and encouraged to look at new ways to minimise our impact both locally and globally. As a business we can also ‘do our bit’ by choosing to use, where possible, ecologically, or environmentally friendly products.

Let’s look at some of the many environmental products available to us, let’s start with UK manufactured products, so very good for the planet, no air or sea miles here, just a few miles by road from manufacturer to end user and great for the UK economy, it’s a win win situation.


Solid Moso Bamboo Column Award -

Made from the most natural of materials, responsibly sourced, individual and 100% recyclable. Made in the UK.


Recycle CD Case Pencil –

Made using recycled CD cases and available in 13 popular colours. Green & Good range, made in the UK.


Eco Plastic Trolley Token Key Ring -

This is rHIPSb recycled plastic, this is made from a new proprietary plastic and is 100% recycled, biodegradable and compostable. This biodegradable formulation will degrade up to 200 times faster than plastic and is made in the UK.


Bio Universal Tumbler -

This Bio Tumbler is made from special recycled plastic which unlike other plastics breaks down much faster if it ends up in landfill or the ocean. Once disposed of, in a few years it becomes food for microbes leaving behind no microplastics, just natural remnant. This product is Made in the UK.

Eco Polyester lanyard -

This is Recycled rPET and made in the UK.

The H20 Eco 650ml Sports Bottle –

100% Prevented Ocean rPET Plastic, Prevented Ocean Plastic is recycled plastic collected from coastal areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution. The plastic is collected within 50km of an ocean coastline or major waterway that feeds into the ocean. This is then sorted and transformed into high quality, food-safe recycled plastic. Made in the UK.

Turbo Pro Flying Disc –

The Turbo Flying Disc is made from 100% recycled plastic and made in the UK.

Eco Wirobound Notebook with Pen -

This notebook is made from 100% recycled paper and a bio fabric coloured material, the pen with blue ink is made from carboard and a biodegradable trim.

rHIPS.b Coaster -

The rHIPS.b Coaster is made from new proprietary plastic, 100% recycled, biodegradable and compostable. Made in the UK.


Whats that mean? You will hear the phrases such as RPet and rHIPSb, so here’s an explanation:

rPET Plastic – rPet stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, we know it’s a mouthful so to keep it simple let’s refer to it as rPET. rPET is created by recycling previously used plastics, including plastic bottles. Once collected it is sorted, cleaned, and transformed into rPET. This then looks and feels the same as a traditional plastic (PET).

rHIPSb rHIPSb is made from 100% waste and recycled materials, rHIPSb naturally biodegrades in compost, landfill, and water by being broken down by over 600 naturally occurring microbes. The biodegradation process is accelerated 200 times faster than standard plastic.


Why use any of these products? Each product minimises the impact it has on the environment. These products show your customers that you want to help the impact that your brand makes. Customers are more likely to research your brand and what your values are, so showing you care about the environment you live in is a big plus to potential customers, current customers, and staff.

Not only are these products helping the environment, but they look great too. These are just a few of the many eco products that we supply, take a look through our new eco catalogue, look online or give our friendly team a call freephone on 0800 085 0034.

Let us help you, help the environment and promote your brand, THINK BIG, BE BOLD, GO GREEN.