Are you prepared for winter Driving?

Are you prepared for winter Driving?

We know it’s only October, but with the winter weather arriving, we are thinking ahead and have put together a list of 8 promotional product ideas for the winter period that might help spread your brand awareness and help customers through the winter period, with items they would truly appreciate.

  1. Ice Scrappers – how many times do you pull a card out of your wallet? Ice scrappers are essential for any motorist in the winter months. With a credit card ice scrapper, they are small and handy to keep in your wallet and great to promote your brand on.

  1. Beanie Hats – Let’s be honest we all love a beanie hat especially in the winter months, putting your brand logo on helps increase awareness of your company.

  1. Travel Mugs/Tumblers – on those cold winter mornings a hug in a mug is much needed.

  1. Torch – with the darker night’s drawing in, it’s important to shine those torches bright.

  1. Hi Vis Jacket – in the darker nights you need to be visible whether you are walking your dog, exercising or even snow days, you need to be seen.

  1. Umbrellas – we all know what our winters are like! Everyone should have one, but not everyone does! A practical and perfect way to promote your brand. This is an item that when used, is advertising your brand far and wide for everyone to see.

  1. Blankets - Get your logo printed on these and let your customers or you wrap up warm.

  1. Power Banks – keep your phone charged, you never know when the British snow may arrive and you need your phone more then ever, when that battery is on the dreaded 5% percent just pick up your branded power bank and plug in.

If you like these products but wondered if we do anything as a pack, we do!!

The winter mailbox gift pack includes Smart Gloves, Torch, Ice Scrapper and Take Out Coffee Mug.

Winter Car Postal Pack – this contains A5 Marketing Card, Ice Scrapper, Tyre Gauge and Vent Scent.

All those goodies in one box, a lovely way to prepare for winter and send thanks to your staff and customers.


If your worried about driving this winter the AA has outlined help for driving in winter conditions. This includes a winter checklist so your prepared, this checklist includes some of the ideas we have given you.


So however, you choose to spend your promotional budget this winter, make it suitable for the season, that will promote your brand awareness and something that customers can make good use of and will keep them coming back for more. Give our friendly team a call to discuss all things promotional on 0800 085 0034.