Why we still need paper calendars!

Why we still need paper calendars!

With the new digital age, it is hard to see why people still like to have paper calendars but here are some reasons why we think paper calendars are needed:

  • Having a paper calendar is a great visual reminder.
  • It helps to remember appointments better or events – the more times you see or write something the better recall of it you will have.
  • Everything is one place; you don’t have to switch through different apps to check out your schedule.
  • Easily accessible, if your internet goes down so does your online calendar, so paper calendars are always accessible for you.
  • You can create your own branded calendars.
  • Calendars are a great branding tool – a well-designed, branded desktop calendar can be used to display information about your business.
  • Calendars are a cost-effective marketing tool – they offer an all-year round presence with your company logo, colours and business information and will be used in many locations.
  • Paper calendars offers fewer distractions and greater productivity rather than using an equivalent digital app.


What is it about a paper calendars over digital?

Like a digital calendar, all the information you need is at your fingertips. Unlike a digital calendar, you can actually see what it is you have planned out, one quick glance over a monthly calendar or week in a planner and you know who, what, where and when you have something going on in your life. It takes a lot of clicks on your smartphone, tablet, or pc to see what you have planned. Its not just seeing at a glance that day but being able to see weeks and months in advance and being able to cross off achievements can give a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, you can’t really cross days off digitally.


Whether you choose wall calendars, wall planners or desktop calendars, paper calendars may just be the better option, and we some good options of calendars for you, below are just a few of the calendar options we have:

A5 Easel Desk Calendar – standard library images or fully bespoke design option.

Mini Eco Desk Calendar – Produced using fully certified responsibly sourced materials, recyclable.


Standard Case Desk Calendar – CD Case Desk calendar


A4 Portrait Wall Calendar – Wire and hanger loop


A1 Wall Planner – 170gsm matt art paper, printed full colour to one side


We have many more options for your promotional calendars, just click this link to see more https://boosters.co.uk/stationery-products/promotional-calendars

We are here to help so drop us a call on 0800 085 0034 to speak to our friendly sales team or send us and enquiry to sales@boosters.co.uk. We would be happy to help you boost your companies’ profile with our promotional merchandise.