Plastic Free Month

Plastic Free Month

July is plastic free month and while plastic plays a major part in our everyday lives there are more and more ways to make this better for you, your customers and planet earth – one of these is to buy Prevented Ocean Plastic bottles like our H2O Eco 650ml sports bottle made in the UK and designed to be an all-around winner for the environment.

What is Prevented Ocean Plastic?

It is recycled plastic collected from coastal areas which are at risk of ocean plastic pollution, this ocean bound plastic would likely end up in the ocean if not collected for recycling.

Ocean bound plastics are defined by experts in the following ways:

  • Plastic found within 30 miles distance of an ocean coastline or a major waterway that feeds into the ocean.
  • The country or region lack waste management infrastructure and collection incentives.
  • The infrastructure is being overwhelmed by population growth or tourism.
  • There is significant risk to wildlife if plastic contaminates their ecosystem.

Prevented Ocean Plastic is made from recycled plastic PET Bottles (rPet)

When a plastic bottle hits the ocean water, the truth of the matter is it is too late. The Sun and salt water degrade the plastic within a few days, making it largely unusable for recycling. So instead of making it a recycling effort it then changed to a clean up effort. Therefore, action is being taken to ensure that these plastics never reach the water.

So how does the Prevented Ocean Plastic programme work?

The Prevented Ocean Plastic programme is a global recycling incentive, its helps tens of thousands of people around the world earn a living, clean their coastlines, and prevent ocean plastic.


Why choose Prevented Ocean Plastic?

Every year more than 12 million Tonnes of plastic waste enters the ocean. Show your customers and other companies the supporting recycled plastic collected from coastlines at scale is good business for them and our oceans.

Find Our More

To find out more about the work being done in the Prevented Ocean Plastic campaign, click here -https://youtu.be/hNYvor4h6VA or visit the website here https://www.preventedoceanplastic.com