You know it makes Bio-Sense

You know it makes Bio-Sense

Trying to be the difference in an ever-changing world is a message that is being conveyed to us more and more.

Here at Boosters we are setting ourselves a challenge to be even greener in 2020 and to think about the environment more with our everyday decisions, this is a challenge we would like you to join us on the journey with.

Throughout the year we will publish a series of blogs with the focus on being greener and cleaner by showcasing the latest products and eco tips that are available for you.

We would like to invite you to #growwithboosters. In a world where we all have to think about the effect we are having on the environment and how we can 'save the day', we would like you to become Promotional Heroes by showing us how you use the products we feature and how you are making the change and maybe some super promotional hero costumes to go along with it.

Each month we will show new products and ideas on how you can make simple changes to your promotional purchasing. We will show you the impacts not only now but how it can impact all our futures.

Over the last few years travel mugs and take away cups have found themselves as one of the essential everyday items with more scrutiny than ever on single use plastics and disposable coffee cups the drinkware industry has evolved quicker than most with a great range of eco initiatives now in place and newer, greener products becoming available regularly.

The first Promotional Hero product up is the brand-new Bio Universal Travel Mug, which is an eco-friendly alternative to the popular plastic travel mug.

Although all plastic travel mugs can be classed as eco-friendly because of their reusable qualities, once they are at the end of their life they will probably end up in a landfill or the ocean, where it will take them hundreds of years to fully degrade.

That’s why you should consider the new Bio Universal Travel Mug which is biodegradable, meaning that once it is disposed of, if the travel mug ends up in a landfill or the ocean, it will biodegrade within a few years and become food for microbes, leaving behind no microplastics, just natural remnant. This Bio Travel mug can do this thanks to an added an additive which allows the advanced biodegradation to take place in a microbe-rich environment

As this travel mug is double-walled your hot drinks are kept warmer for longer and you can hold it in your hands without the risk if it being too hot to handle.

But that’s not all – as this product is manufactured right here in the UK it also has a minimal carbon footprint so it really does tick off all the eco boxes you could want in a product.