Fully Biodegradeable, In Natural Conditions, Leaving No Trace

rHIPS.b is a recycled HIPS polymer combined with a revolutionary biodegradeable formulation that will degrade plastic up to 200 times faster than the lifespan of plastic.

rHIPS.b 15cm Ruler

£0.67Min Qty
As low as £0.30
15cm Ruler Product Code: RUL15-RHIPS.B Product Size: 30mm x 152mm Print Size: 18mm x 145mm Colours: Sand, Sky, Seaweed, Tor & Buoy Leadtime: 3-5... more info

rHIPS.b 37mm DBASE Square Badge

£0.67Min Qty
As low as £0.14
One piece button badge with the convex surface that look just like a traditional button metal badge. Product Code: DBB37S-RHIPS.B Product Size: 37mm... more info

rHIPS.b Compact Keyring

£0.60Min Qty
As low as £0.28
Curved Edge Keyring supplied with soft close connector and split ring. Product Code: PFK-RHIPS.B Product Size: 31mm Width x 46mm Height Diameter... more info

rHIPS.b Deluxe Circle Coaster

£1.27Min Qty
As low as £0.70
Product Size: 90mm Diameter Print Size: 88mm Diameter Colours: Sand, Sky, Seaweed, Tor & Buoy Leadtime: 3-5 days   more info

rHIPS.b Euro Coin Keyring

£0.69Min Qty
As low as £0.33
€1 and €2 in one trolley coin keyring supplied with snap hook fitting. Product Code: TRSME-rHIPS.b Item Size: 55mm x 22mm Print Size: 44mm... more info

rHIPS.b Hygiene Hook Keyring

£0.95Min Qty
As low as £0.63
The Hygiene Hook was designed in 2020 to support the Covid-19 pandemic as part of our Touch Free range. The keyring features a flat stylus tip,... more info

rHIPS.b ID Card Holder

£0.79Min Qty
As low as £0.46
The ID Card Holder has one side showing a card (fits two cards with one face showing) and a large print space on the reverse. Product Code:... more info

rHIPS.b Plant Marker Kit

£1.41Min Qty
As low as £0.88
Plant Marker Kit with 3 markers and bonus Dibber tool. Easy to snap off and write your own label. This kit is suited for market gardens, garden... more info

rHIPS.b Spork

£1.59Min Qty
As low as £0.78
The Spork sits within our food & drinkware range, a two ended piece of cutlery with a fork one end and spoon the other. Perfect for meals on the... more info

rHIPS.b Trolley Coin Keyring

£0.65Min Qty
As low as £0.31
The 12 Sided Trolley Coin keyring can be printed one or double sided in one colour, two colour or full colour print. Quality steel / nickel plated... more info

rHIPS.b Trolley Stick Oblong Keyring

£0.72Min Qty
As low as £0.33
12 sided £1 Trolley coin keyring with additional larger branding area, complete with snap hook fitting. Product Code: TRSB12-RHIPSB Product... more info

rHIPS.b Webcam Cover

£2.28Min Qty
As low as £0.78
Our Webcam Covers are a neat and practical way of protecting privacy whilst online. Complete with sliding section so you can slide open when you want... more info

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