Corporate Merchandise Schemes

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Save thousands of pounds by buying in bulk and letting Boosters distribute promotional and printed corporate stationery products from our distribution centre to your offices or individuals anywhere in the world.

Have your own branded corporate merchandise & gifts website created free of charge and linked to your own site with access restricted to your authorised users only, as you add a product we automatically update the site, your approved colleagues simply select the number of items required from as little as a single piece, we pick, pack and ship it the same day via Fedex.

Stocks are continually monitored and you agree on the frequency of re-ordering to suit usage patterns, we will automatically raise a new order confirmation to replenish stock at the pre-agreed minimum stock level.

The benefits of the corporate merchandise scheme to you are numerous, just a few:

  • Continuity of brand across your organisation

  • Bulk purchasing discounts applied to single piece orders

  • Availability of stock at short notice for unexpected events, meetings and the suchlike

  • Everything shipped in one consignment, one carriage charge.

  • All your branded products grouped together in a single location

There are others but these are the key benefits.

For further information on how easily we can get a scheme up and running and for examples of current schemes please contact Blair Carroll at our office on 01209 315226