Artwork Guidelines

Get the best results with great artwork!

We have experienced designers who will be able to help you get the results you want. Just call and ask, and we will be ready to help. Our designers will prepare a proof based on your requirements, this will need careful checking as we cannot be held responsible for errors once a job has been signed off.

Sending us your design

You can send us your logos, fonts, and graphics, just call and we will direct you the best way to send us your files. This will usually be by email, but for large file sizes we will ask you to send the using a service such as WeTransfer.

Graphic formats

Our preferred format is Vector Artwork. Vector Artwork is always required where a product is being screen printed. Your designers will be able to advise you on which of your files are Vector files, they might be a PDF, Adobe Illustrator or EPS file. If you are not sure, just send us everything you have and we can choose the most suitable.

Pantone Colours

If you want to choose colours, you can refer to our Pantone Colour Guide, this will help you choose the Pantone colour nearest to the colours you are hoping to achieve. Please note however, that the appearance of Pantone colours on screen may not always match perfectly the printed results. The best way to get consistent colour is to consult a physical Pantone book.